Drug Abuse Signs

There are usually different signs of drug abuse symptoms being displayed. These signs provide a window of opportunity through which proper diagnosis and eventual treatment can be carried out. Whenever a person starts neglecting his or her duties, those closest to him or her should make further examinations and follow up on whether this is proof that he or she is involved in drug abuse. In some cases, neglect of duties is a symptom of a different problem rather than drug abuse.

Secondly, a person who insists on performing a task despite evidence of his or her involvement in drug abuse, at the risk of suffering direct injuries or causing the same to those around him or her, needs further follow-up. At times, prolonged periods of drug abuse may lead some people to develop strange patterns of thinking where they fail to appreciate the full impact of their behaviors. Very risky and dangerous activities may appear to them as harmless and thus hinder them from fully appreciating them.

Drug Abuse Signs

Some people are unable to walk away from their drug abuse habits, causing them to pick up unnecessary fights with almost every person they are in relationship with. This could be one of the signs of drug abuse symptoms being displayed. The constant fights picked by these people may provide proof that they are involved in drug abuse and probably have been for a very long time. As a result, these constant fights with loved ones should be investigated deeper.

Other signs that should not be ignored include loss of motivation and interest in some activities or people, feelings of euphoria, appearing to be in constant dream-like state, sudden levels of being hyperactive, rapidly followed by feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, and sudden drastic changes in weight or eating habits and appetites. All the above need further investigation and examination to confirm whether a person is displaying drug abuse symptoms.

There are more signs of drug symptoms being displayed and may include overwhelming paranoia, easy irritability, clumsiness, the presence of either dilated or contracted pupils, appearing intoxicated, excessive mood swings, hallucinations, and the presence of rashes which emit secretions around the mouth and nose. These signs provide a window of opportunity through which suspicions of drug abuse can be further carried out by those closest to the individual displaying these drug abuse symptoms.

At times people are wrong when suspecting close relatives and friends of drug abuse, but at times the signs and symptoms cannot be ignored. Researchers state that it is much better to follow up on your suspicion that a close relative or friend is displaying drug abuse symptoms rather than ignoring them only to be proved right later on. It is far better to follow up on your instincts as long as they are based on visible evidence displayed by a loved one that they are involved in drug abuse. As shown above, these are all signs that should never be ignored which may indicate that drug abuse symptoms are being displayed.

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