Understanding Drug Abuse Symptoms

In order to understand what drug abuse symptoms are, it is important to first of all seek to provide an explanation as to what drug abuse really is. Some people find it a tad difficult to understand what the difference is between drug abuse and addiction. The fundamental difference is that drug addiction develops from drug abuse to a state where the individual caught in this habit becomes chemically dependent on one or more particular drugs.

Drug abuse, in simple language, refers to the act of using drugs inappropriately without regard to their effect on your life. Both drug abuse and addiction display symptoms and signs. Some of these signs of drug abuse and addiction are similar while others are quite different. No matter the period of time a person may take while indulging in drug abuse, eventually he or she starts displaying the symptoms associated with this condition, thus proving his or her need for treatment and rehab.

Understanding Drug Abuse Symptoms

People seeking to obtain answers on what drug abuse symptoms are develop this interest mainly because they are directly affected by drug abuse. This means that either you are directly engaged in drug abuse or a loved one is, thus providing the basis for your interest on the subject. Drug abuse symptoms are usually displayed after a considerable period of sustained involvement in the habit. Some of these symptoms may be displayed in the short term, though most appear after a lengthy period.

Some of the drug abuse symptoms are psychological while others are physical and behavioral. Most of the symptoms are classified into one of these categories but differ in intensity and the stage of abuse. Eventually these symptoms affect relationships, productivity, finances, and ability to perform at certain tasks. In some cases, though this appears to be on the decline, people displaying drug abuse symptoms also receive stigmatization from those around them.

In seeking to become knowledgeable on what drug abuse symptoms are, it is equally important that you understand the effect of these on the individual. There is a group of drug abusers who prove very effective in hiding symptoms from other people for quite some time. They are even able to continue functioning as if all is well and normal in their lives. When these symptoms eventually become visible, it greatly affects them psychologically.

Most people suffering from drug abuse tend to believe that they do not have a problem. By the time they admit and overcome their denial, they are usually at an extreme stage of drug abuse, displaying aggravated symptoms linked with this condition. Some of the extreme symptoms may be linked with their attitude on life, work, school, relationships, hygiene, personal grooming, among many more.

In conclusion, it is worth pointing out that drug abuse symptoms usually affect people who have had a long period of time association with a particular drug or two. Whether the drug abused is prescription or not, the impact of these symptoms may eventually lead the individuals to develop low self-esteem and low levels of confidence in their ability to function normally as others.

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